Q&A: Why Do I Need Jaw Surgery?

Are you well aware that your jaws are not properly aligned with one another? Has your dentist or orthodontist informed you that you may need jaw surgery to improve the position of your jaws? If so, you may find yourself wondering why you cannot simply receive braces to correct the problem – or what to expect. Consider the answers to some frequently asked questions to begin learning more about how surgery can help your smile.

Questions and Answers: Jaw Surgery

Question: Why do you offer jaw surgery – what would be a reason I would need to come in to see you? Isn’t the configuration of my jaw something that I need to just learn to live with?

Answer: In certain instances, your jaws may not be aligned in a way that provides you with ease of use. As a result, eating your food and communicating with others through articulate speaking may prove extremely challenging. Fortunately, we may correct common problems with surgery.

Question: Can’t I just fix the problem with orthodontics? Why won’t braces improve the issue?

Answer: For the most part, orthodontic care can offer some improvement by aligning your teeth if they are misaligned. However, if your top and bottom jaw position prevents your bite from fitting together functionally, this may require surgery.

Question: Will my face end up looking different after you perform jaw surgery? Will the changes be beneficial?

Answer: Yes, in most instances, the repositioning of your jaws will improve your appearance, leading to a more balanced, pleasing look. We will work collaboratively with your orthodontist to promote a smile that works well and looks beautiful.


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