Quiz: Nitrous Oxide Details

How much do you really know about nitrous oxide? Are you familiar with what you can expect from your experience with this form of anesthesia – also known as laughing gas? Or, do you simply know that it’s a form of sedation we offer our patients? The good news is that the more you learn about different sedation options, the easier it will be to feel confident making a decision with us when it comes time to choose anesthesia. For now, find out how much you know with a brief quiz.

Quiz: Anesthesia

  1. True or False: Nitrous oxide is our most potent form of sedation, which will cause you to fall asleep.
  2. True or False: While laughing gas has a foul odor and strange taste, the benefits of choosing this form of dental sedation are completely worthwhile.
  3. True or False: Even though nitrous oxide is a fairly new form of anesthesia, it has quickly risen in popularity due to its effects.

Quiz Answers

  1. False. This form of anesthesia is the gentlest option when it comes to seeking relaxing and analgesic effects. You will not fall asleep from laughing gas. You will, however, feel happy and relaxed – you may even feel like laughing, as its name suggests.
  2. False. Nitrous oxide is a colorless gas that is a bit sweet to smell and to taste. You can expect a wonderful experience if you choose this form of anesthesia, which you will simply breathe in through your nose as it calms your anxiety.
  3. False. This form of sedation is well known in part because it has been around for such a long time and because most people tolerate it extremely well. There is record of laughing gas having been used for over 100 years!


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