Want Implants? Treat Bruxism First.

Are you interested in dental implants? If so, we can agree with you that choosing implants to complete your smile offers a host of exceptional benefits (many of which you cannot receive from other replacement selections, such as traditional dentures). However, as with any dental work, if you are struggling with bruxism, it is typically essential that you seek bruxism treatment before moving forward with implant placement. Allow us to explain why addressing your teeth grinding and/or clenching is so important.

What Is Bruxism?

You may know on a general level that bruxism is a functional disorder characterized by involuntary teeth clenching or teeth grinding. We say “involuntary” because this is not a habit that you are consciously performing. Instead, it’s something out of your control. The side effects of the disorder (when left untreated) can include damage to your teeth like fractures, breaks, and even the loss of your teeth. You may find that the surfaces of your teeth become eroded, leading to difficulty eating and sensitivity. In regard to dental implant placement, bruxism poses a threat. During recovery, the last thing you want is excessive pressure and force because these concerns may lead to failure.

What Can I Do?

First, before you visit us for dental implant placement, we will become familiar with your medical history, your dental history, and we will examine your teeth and supportive tissues. If we find that you are dealing with bruxism, we will suggest you seek bruxism treatment before implants. This is usually something you will establish with your general dentist, with whom we will work closely throughout your journey toward a complete smile. By wearing a mouth guard at night (known as an oral appliance), you can prevent the trauma caused by bruxism. Rest assured, we will create a comprehensive plan for your smile.


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