3 Reasons You Don’t Need To Avoid Implants

Are you under the impression that even though you like the idea, you might as well avoid considering dental implants to replace your missing teeth? If this is occurring, you may have received some misinformation or have made some assumptions about implants that just might not be true. To find out a bit more regarding why you don’t need to give up on the dream of implants after tooth loss, we encourage you to consider some helpful, factual details.

#1: If You Don’t Qualify, You Have Options

At the very worst, let’s say you do not qualify for dental implants, you don’t want to deal with what it might take to become a candidate, or you are not comfortable with the required investment. Good news: You have so many options! While implants are certainly a good choice for tooth replacement, other prosthetics can restores your smile, as well, while offering a long list of advantages.

#2: What You’ve “Heard” Is Likely Untrue

You may have heard some stories from individuals who don’t have an expert knowledge of dental implants (AKA: anyone talking about implants who is not a dental professional). What kinds of things are you hearing? Maybe someone told you they have a low rate of success. Fortunately, implants are prized for their ability to last a very long time and for their extremely high rate of success (approximately 98 percent).

#3: You Can Support A Crown (Or More)

Assuming dental implants just aren’t for you because you want to replace multiple missing teeth at once? Guess again. You can rely on multiple implants to offer support to a larger replacement solution like an implant-retained bridge or denture.


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