3 Reasons You’re Referred To An Oral Surgeon

Are you curious about why you have been referred to our practice? What is it that pushes you out of the scope of general dentistry and into our exam chair? When it comes to seeking the help of an oral surgeon, a variety of issues or needs may lead you to our office. For instance, restorative dentistry may not be able to address your concern because you need a surgical procedure. Allow us to explain a few reasons you’re seeing our smiling faces.

#1: To Prepare For Prosthetics

When you plan on receiving a prosthetic to replace missing teeth, you may need some preparatory help first. For instance, are you missing all but one tooth on one of your arches? If so, the surgical removal of the remaining tooth will provide you with the necessary foundation for your full denture. Or, you may require bone shaping, bone grafting, or gum shaping to ensure your existing smile is ready for a prosthetic that fits beautifully and comfortably.

#2: To Receive Implant Placement

The placement of dental implants is best provided by an oral surgeon. With advanced experience and training in the placement of your implant posts, we ensure the process is precise. We may then work in collaboration with your general dentist to monitor the healing process until you are ready for your restoration.

#3: To Prepare For Orthodontic Treatment

Your orthodontist may refer you to an oral surgeon because in order to move forward with orthodontic care, you need certain teeth repositioned. Or, you may require the removal of permanent teeth to free up room in an overcrowded mouth before moving ahead with braces. 


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