Dental Implants: Questions To Ask

When it comes to scheduling your dental implant consultation with us, you may immediately feel a bit unsure about what you would like to achieve during your visit. You know that you are interested in replacing your teeth with implants, so you may enjoy a beautiful smile again (free of open spaces). However, you may not know what types of questions to bring up, particularly if you have just begun learning about these prosthetics. Do yourself a favor – consider a couple questions that are beneficial to ask to get yourself headed in the right direction.

“What Are My Options?”

As you begin your dental implant journey, you may wonder what you have available to you regarding replacement options that work for your needs. We encourage you to ask about this because you may find yourself pleasantly surprised. Not only can you replace one tooth with an implant and a crown, but you also have multiple options. For instance, you can rely on fewer implants placed than missing teeth to support a restoration like a bridge or a denture. We will help create a care plan that most closely suits your needs.

“What’s My Timeline Look Like?“

You may have already discovered that receiving dental implants to repair your smile after tooth loss can require a somewhat lengthy process. Though the experience is certainly worthwhile considering the final outcome, you will still need to make sure implants will work for your life. As a result, we suggest that you speak with us about the potential timeline required (from start to finish – as well as smaller goals), so you have a clear understanding of estimated completion dates.


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