Dental Implants: Where To Begin?

When the time comes that you experience tooth loss and need a way to replace the teeth missing in your smile, you may find yourself drawn to the benefits of dental implants. However, feeling excited about a particular option does not mean you know where to begin. Fortunately, getting started is extremely simple. All you need to do is plan to spend time speaking with us about tooth replacement and we will take care of the rest. Consider a couple helpful suggestions.

Let’s Talk About Tooth Loss

First, you are going to begin by scheduling a dental implant consultation with us. This is an appointment during which we will speak with you about tooth loss, why it’s so important to replace your teeth, and how implants offer enhanced protection when compared with other prosthetics like bridges and dentures. You see, the only option for replacing your missing roots and supporting a visible prosthetic to replace your tooth’s crown is choosing implants. The only way to prevent jaw deterioration after tooth loss is – you guessed it – choosing implants. We will explain the specifics during your visit.

Let’s Talk Details

As for the details associated with beginning your new journey toward receiving dental implants, there’s a universal to-do list to take care of before moving forward. First, we will examine your smile. We will also gather digital imaging of your oral cavity to determine whether you have a full jawbone and if it can support implants. Once we are certain regarding your candidacy for treatment, we will create a treatment plan specific to your oral health needs and your daily life.


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