How To Respond To Facial Injuries

We have highlighted the fact that April is National Facial Protection Month. As a result, you have hopefully made the necessary arrangements to ensure your face, mouth, and head are protected when participating in active events. However, you may ask yourself what might happen after an accident when you’re without your helmet or mouth guard? The good news is that we are prepared to provide you with essential suggestions, so you can plan a visit or receive the emergency dental care you need depending on the concern at hand.

Contact Your General Dentist

If you experience a sudden injury to your mouth, it’s typically a good idea to contact your general dentist immediately. Does your dentist offer emergency dental services? Become familiar with the services offered and program your dentist’s number into your phone. In case of dental accidents, you may need to quickly schedule an appointment.

Contact Us

Have you damaged a dental implant? Perhaps you have already seen your general dentist and you are in need of oral surgery. Whatever the case, we are always happy to take your calls. Please contact us and let us know what has happened, so we may provide you with instructions regarding the best course of action (and so we may see you as soon as possible to protect your oral health).

Call 911 Or Visit Your Nearest ER

It’s important to make the distinction between the need for emergency dental care and a medical emergency. Even if the problem you’re experiencing includes your face, if you think your life is in danger, contact 911 or visit an ER. This is considered a medical emergency, not something strictly limited to your oral health.


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