Make Sure You’re Flossing Thoroughly

We can go on and on all day, explaining to you why flossing is so important. Extolling the many advantages of plaque protection and how it will help you avoid dental implant failure. However, if you’re not sure you’re flossing thoroughly, you’re not going to reap the benefits of this simple yet extremely effective portion of your preventive care. Let’s make sure you’re not missing a beat, so your smile stays healthy.

Choose Your Floss Appropriately

For natural teeth, we will suggest you choose a dental floss that you enjoy, based on the width of the floss or tape, the flavor, and the consistency. For dental implant flossing, we may recommend you rely on “super floss” that includes a threader on one end, a spongy segment, and traditional floss on the other end. This floss will provide you with the ability to thoroughly clean around your crown and the abutment.

Floss Everything

Remember that it’s important to floss your entire smile, including between all of your teeth, behind back teeth, and around dental implants. While you may assume implants do not require flossing because they are not composed of organic materials, this is irrelevant. They are surrounded by organic material (sometimes other teeth and always your gum tissue), which means prevent plaque buildup is essential in avoiding inflammation as well as implant failure.

Don’t Forget The Super Floss

We will provide you with instructions regarding the best way to floss around your dental implants. Fortunately, this is very simple. You will generally thread the super floss between your implant and neighboring tooth, floss between the teeth, and tuck the spongy segment beneath the crown to polish the abutment for a clean prosthetic.


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