After Dental Extractions: Q&A Session

You may find yourself wondering what to expect after your dental extraction. Are you going to need a tooth replacement to fill in the opening – or are you going to be able to heal and go on with your life without any additional restorative treatment or oral surgery? When it comes to a complete smile and replacing teeth, there is not one single answer. Extractions occur due to a variety of reasons, after all. Give us a moment of your time to receive some clarification.

Q&A: Extractions

Question: Do I need to replace my tooth if the dental extraction is part of an orthodontic plan? What if it’s a wisdom tooth?

Answer: If you need the removal of a tooth for orthodontic purposes, you are not going to need a new one. The reason you don’t need a tooth replacement after a dental extract in this case is the fact that the removal of a tooth is generally to provide more room for a smile that needs more space. As for wisdom teeth, replacement is unnecessary because wisdom teeth are unnecessary.

Question: How will I know what to do to heal after an extraction?

Answer: We will provide you with detailed after-care instructions, so you heal quickly and comfortably. If you have any questions, you are always welcome to call!

Question: How can I replace a tooth that is removed because of disease or damage? Is this necessary?

Answer: If your tooth is damaged or diseased in some way, you may require a dental extraction because other options simply cannot come to the rescue to save your tooth. It will be essential that you replace your missing tooth with a replacement. You may choose an implant or speak with us about considering other options, such as a bridge or a partial denture.


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