Do You Have High Blood Pressure?

Did you know that May is National High Blood Pressure Education Month? If you suffer from hypertension and are interested in seeking dental implants or require other oral surgery, this is a topic we will need to thoroughly discuss. Curious about the connection between hypertension, caring for your smile, and what you need to do? Allow us to offer some insight.

Talk To Us About Your Health

We will always discuss your oral health with you, followed by a discussion about your general health. Why? Well, we provide oral surgery, which relies on a patient being healthy and fit enough to successfully undergo a procedure. Keep in mind that in addition to speaking with us about any health conditions, it is important you make us aware of any medications you take, whether for high blood pressure or other ailments. Successful surgery and administration of anesthesia are planned based around your unique needs.

Blood Pressure and Implants

Dealing with high blood pressure is not going to directly affect osseointegration (the bonding of the implant post and your jaw tissue). However, did you know that certain blood pressure medications may increase your risk for gum disease? To promote the success of an implant, it is essential that you maintain healthy gums. Otherwise, inflammation that can result in peri-implantitis (inflammation of gum tissue surrounding an implant) may contribute to failure.

What To Do?

Addressing high blood pressure and providing you with oral health care is a bit complex but it is not impossible. Keep in mind that our goal is to ensure you remain healthy and that you reach your smile goals. The only way to achieve those goals is to schedule a visit to speak with us!


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