Protecting Implants: 3 Habits To End

Whether you have just completed your journey with dental implants (or you’re still considering it), you likely have it in your mind that part of the process includes protecting your dental work. You are, of course, correct! After the investment, healing, and beautiful transformation, the last thing you want is to have a problem with the longevity of this treatment (which can last a lifetime). To get started, consider some helpful tips for habits you will want to kick.

Habit #1: Ice Chewing

For some, chewing on ice is an enjoyable, refreshing pastime. However, for all patients, this is a dangerous habit. It can cause your teeth to feel extra sensitive, lead to damaged dental work (dental implants, for instance), and cause chips or fractures in natural teeth. If you feel a frantic need for the ice, you may wish to consult your doctor, as this is sometimes a sign of low iron levels. Otherwise, drink water instead of choosing the frozen version.

Habit #2: Nail Biting

In addition to the fact that nail biting is not great for your oral health and dental implants because it can encourage problems like TMJ disorder and bruxism, it’s also bad for you in general. Ask any doctor and the answer will be the same: Biting your nails introduces tons of germs and bacteria into your mouth (and subsequently, your body) because they hide beneath your fingernails. All in all, it’s a good habit to skip.

Habit #3: Skip The Gum

Love chewing gum? We can certainly have a discussion about gums that are less sticky, the fact that sugarless gum is often beneficial for your oral health, and whether there are any options that are best suited to those with dental implants. However, because anything sticky can potentially become wrapped around your implant, we say: Steer clear.


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