3 Ways To Make The Most Of Summer

Here come the lazy days of summer! Well, probably not lazy but certainly a time to enjoy the warmer weather and make the most of the season. First, it is important to note that if you have teenagers, this is a wonderful time to take care of essential tasks (like oral health care) that present scheduling conflicts during the school year. As for your own mouth, we encourage you to consider some significant ways to keep your smile in beautiful condition in spite of summer’s carefree ways!

#1: Schedule Teens’ Wisdom Teeth Removal

Do you have a teenager in need of wisdom teeth removal? Summer break provides a wonderful option for scheduling this essential oral health procedure. If your child is in need of third molar extractions, contact us as soon as possible – this will give your son or daughter ample time to rest, recover, and enjoy the rest of summer before schools starts back up.

#2: Remember: The Sun Affects All Skin

Patients often fail to connect the negative effects of the sun to anything including oral health. However, the potential for cancer is not just something that can happen in isolated locations – it can affect your lips, too. As a general rule of thumb, we always encourage you to wear sunscreen (including sunscreen for your lips, which is easy to find in the form of an SPF lip balm) to avoid sun damage.

#3: Take A Vacation From Work – But Not From Life

It’s wonderful to take some time off from work and to head out on enjoyable vacations. However, neglecting your oral health will lead to serious ramifications you’ll be none too pleased with come autumn. If you need to see us for an exam, a procedure, or otherwise, call us up to schedule a visit that works with your calendar.


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