Avoid Additional Tooth Loss

Are you extremely happy with your current tooth replacement but you would like to avoid the need for dental implants in the future? Feeling proactive about your smile’s health and preventing tooth loss is always admirable. While implants will always be here to help if you need them, preserving your natural teeth is obviously preferable. The good news is that doing your best to promote a smile that remains healthy is easier than you might think. Let’s review some helpful guidelines.

Don’t Ignore Problems

If you notice something feels different or feels uncomfortable, trust your instincts and schedule a visit with us or your general dentist. The sooner a professional diagnoses a particular problem and treats it, the easier it is to prevent damage and to promote a full recovery. A cavity that is easily treatable with a filling, for instance, can become severe decay, infection, and a tooth that requires removal if you ignore it. Protect your smile and avoid the need for dental implants and other tooth replacement options by paying attention to warning signs.

Keep Those Basics In Check

You may not necessarily connect the dots between basic dental care and tooth loss but avoiding the need for dental implants and other tooth loss solutions is often fully reliant on preventive care. By brushing your smile each day, twice a day (two minutes for each brushing session), flossing once a day, and maintaining consistent cleanings and checkups with your general dentist, you protect your smile. A clean mouth avoids decay, periodontal disease, and infection – all hygiene-related issues that can lead to the loss of your teeth when overlooked.


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