FAQs: Advantages Of Dental Implants

Have you gotten ahead of yourself when it comes to researching dental implants for your smile? Though you have heard they’re the best, perhaps you recently realized you believe in their reputation but you don’t really know what sets them apart from other tooth replacement options. While you can easily seek out information about advantages, it’s hard to detect what’s real – and what’s unreliable – when talking to relatives or surfing the web. Great news: We are happy to answer any and all questions. Let’s get started with a FAQs session.

Frequently Asked Questions: Implant Advantages

Question: Will dental implants really help with my oral health instead of harm it?

Answer: It’s true – while you will find that replacing teeth is always beneficial for your oral health, implants go steps further than prosthetics like bridges and dentures. An implant is the only option for replacing your roots, for providing stimulation that keep your jaw healthy (previously provided by your natural roots), and for offering anchored stability all the way down into your jawbone for extraordinary wear.

Question: How do dental implants help my entire smile? I keep hearing that this is one of the major advantages.

Answer: They help in many ways. First, they fully replace your tooth, which means you will feel like you’ve got your smile back. Next, they will stand in place of your missing tooth, which will keep your smile from shifting out of alignment. As with most tooth replacements, it will help you avoid dental hygiene related challenges and disease, which can occur when open spaces are left in your smile.

Question: Will my smile look realistic once the implants are in place?

Answer: Yes. The dental implants will remain hidden beneath your gum tissue. The restorations (or replacement teeth) placed on your implants will look lifelike and lovely, customized to blend with surrounding teeth and your facial features.


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