FAQs: Implants And Teeth Whitening

Are you unhappy with the current shade of your smile but replacing your teeth with dental implants is of the utmost importance? As a result, do you figure that you will just whiten your smile once your restorations are in place (but then you aren’t quite sure if this is a possibility)? Perhaps you are concerned that once you get implants you are locked in with your restorations forever. Rest assured, we receive questions about teeth whitening quite often and are happy to clarify.

Frequently Asked Questions: Whitening

Question: Can I just whiten my teeth after my dental implants are placed?

Answer: Remember that we will restore your implant with a dental crown that matches your remaining natural teeth. Also keep in mind that dentists cannot bleach artificial material. As a result, if whitening is a priority, it is best done before we restore your implants.

Question: What if I am happy with the color of my teeth and implants upon completion but in later years, things change and my smile appears discolored? Will I have options?

Answer: Yes. While you will not be able to receive teeth whitening on your crowns or other restorations, you will be able to receive it on natural teeth. As a result, you may need whitening in conjunction with the placement of a new crown, to ensure everything matches.

Question: Do you have suggestions for keeping my entire smile white?

Answer: Yes, we encourage you to brush your teeth twice a day and never miss a daily flossing session. It’s also wise to avoid dark and highly pigmented foods and products (like coffee, tobacco, red wine), which are known to cause stains.


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