2 Reasons To Choose Implant Dentures

As you are learning about dental implants do you find yourself a bit mixed up regarding traditionally supported prosthetics versus choosing implant-supported dentures? If so, this is completely understandable! You are learning a whole new vocabulary and you are taking in the details regarding the process, after all. So, when it comes to figuring out whether you would prefer to replace multiple teeth at once with traditional or implant support, these details may at first mean very little to you. Let’s do a bit of exploration, so you’re more familiar with a couple reasons to go the implant denture route.

Reason #1: Traditional Support Is Less Stable

A traditionally supported denture is one that relies on the tissue you already have in your smile. Since you are dealing with full tooth loss, this means that your denture will rest on your dental ridge, where is remains in place as the result of natural suction. As you can imagine, this provides you with a way to restore your smile to a certain degree. However, when compared with the support of dental implants, a traditional implant is not very stable. An implant denture rests securely over implant posts for extraordinary stability.

Reason #2: Implant Support Can Protect Your Smile Structure

If you choose a traditional denture, you will certainly restore the volume to your lower face. However, over time your jawbone will slowly deteriorate. As a result, your lower face may shrink and you will require another traditional denture. If you choose an implant denture, the implants will help preserve your jaw tissue, your lower facial structure will remain healthy and full for a longer period of time, and your implant denture can continue to do its job of completing your smile.


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