Implants: 2 Reasons Your Friend Had A Bad Experience

It’s extremely common to start asking around about other people’s experiences when you’re about to make a big one of your own. Getting a thumbs up and the “go ahead” from people you admire and trust is often a serious motivating factor. Unfortunately, this is also an easy way for your confidence in a treatment like dental implants to go from peaking to plummeting. When it comes to implants, we encourage you to remember that their success rests significantly on following our suggestions for after care treatment. With that in mind, we also invite you to consider a couple reasons your friend’s experience wasn’t what you’d hoped to hear.

Reason #1: She Didn’t Keep It Clean

It’s entirely possible that the reason your friend’s dental implant experience went south was because she didn’t keep the area clean. Patients can fall victim to the inaccurate belief that because the implant and restoration are artificial, they don’t require care. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The living tissue within which they have been placed require care (the same goes for nearby tissue) to prevent problems like inflamed gums and implant failure.

Reason #2: He Messed With The Wound Site

We will certainly provide you with specific pre- and post-op instructions to ensure that your dental implant placement, recovery, and success are easy and without any hiccups. One very important instruction includes leaving the site alone after placement (which means you shouldn’t touch it, you shouldn’t rinse for the initial day, and you should avoid spitting to allow for proper healing. Remember, if you have any questions please call us.


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