Why Schedule A Visit “Early?”

You may think to yourself that you would really like to learn more about dental implants. In fact, if all goes well, you plan on selecting them in the future when you are ready to replace missing teeth. Or, you might know that you need bone grafting or you have early signs of requiring the removal of your wisdom teeth. While it may seem best to wait until you are completely ready (if not nearing the need for urgent care), it’s actually a much better idea to get a head start on such oral health treatment. Allow us to give you a new perspective on this idea.

Why Plan?

You know there’s something you need to do for your oral health but you are not currently ready to move forward. Whether the issue is financial, personal, or otherwise, there are many factors that can affect one’s timeline, of course. However, when you choose to come in for an “early” visit, we can become familiar with your smile and your health history (and we can create a plan). As a result, we are completely prepared to move forward when the time comes. This means that you won’t deal with any last minute frustration if you suddenly decide you want dental implants but the introductory process takes more time than you imagined, for instance.

The Little Details

About those little details we were discussing: Budget, personal questions or concerns, your timeline … they are important. By coming in before you have a dire need for a treatment, we can sit down with you and comprehensively cover all bases. As a result, you can make a comfortable, confident decision about dental implants or other procedures. You can plan carefully and feel at ease, rather than stressing or scrambling to “make it work.” We are always happy to see you, so please give us a call!


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