Your Questions: Oral Sedation

As you learn more about your anesthesia options, you will discover oral sedation as a possible choice. However, you might not know very much about what this term refers to or what you can expect. For many patients, this provides a wonderful way to experience a deeply relaxing visit and procedure. Allow us to offer you some insight into what’s on the horizon and whether this form of sedation might be a good fit! Let’s begin with some helpful questions (and answers).

Questions and Answers: Sedation

Question: What do you mean when you say “oral sedation?”

Answer: This refers to a form of anesthesia that you will take orally (or by mouth). It’s quite simple. After a discussion with you, we will select a medication that offers relaxing, anti-anxiety properties in pill form. Depending on your particular needs, you will take the pill before your visit either at home or in our practice.

Question: How will I figure out whether oral sedation is right for me or if I need something else?

Answer: This is best decided during a consultation with us to discuss different anesthesia possibilities. In many cases, we choose the oral form for patients who want deeper relaxation than that provided by nitrous oxide and often for those who wish to avoid the needle associated with IV sedation.

Question: What if I have had oral sedation before and, though I am not interested in IV sedation, I wish the sedative was a little bit stronger and long lasting?

Answer: Since we cannot customize oral sedation like laughing gas or IV sedation, for which we can increase or decrease the dosage throughout your visit, we can offer the following: Oral sedation and nitrous oxide for the best of both worlds.


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