Dental Implants: Should I Come In For A Second Opinion?

When you decide you are interested in dental implants but your general dentist or an oral surgeon from another practice turns you away, you have two options. You can believe what you’ve been told and begin searching for an alternative solution. Or, if you feel in your heart of hearts that this decision is wrong, you may contact us for a second opinion. Wondering if this is a worthwhile venture? As far as we are concerned, the answer is a very simple, “Of course!” Find out why it may be to your benefit to revisit the idea of implants with our team.

Scheduling Your Visit

Without worrying any more about whether you should seek a second opinion for dental implants or not, simply schedule a visit. We will encourage you to set up a time that you can come in for an examination. We can then discuss your options with you, so you feel more confident regarding whether implants are a good idea for you or if it’s best to seek an alternative route for addressing tooth loss.

Why Second Opinions Are Helpful

Getting another opinion about dental implants can be very important for a variety of reasons. First, you may have received the initial opinion from someone with less specialized experience (such as a general dentist). Fortunately, we have the experience and expertise to deal with challenging cases. In addition, there are avenues of care we may be able to take to improve a patient’s oral health who was initially considered “not a candidate” for implants. For instance, your jawbone health may be poor at the moment but bone grafting might solve that problem (and turn you into a decent candidate).


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