Healthy Smiles: 3 Types Of Pressure To Avoid

You might think a lot about your brushing and flossing habits, the foods you eat, professional visits to our practice, and issues like tooth replacement. However, do you spend any time thinking about the various types of pressure that affect your oral health? This is not a very common line of thinking unless you are a dental professional, so you’re in luck! We are happy to share more with you about how you can offer your smile and dental implants great protection by avoiding a few pressure-related concerns.

#1: Emotional Pressure

Who knew that something seemingly figurative could affect your oral health? It can, as a matter of fact. Emotional pressure, whether you’re feeling quite tense or stressed by something in your life, often comes out in the form of muscle tension. Patients frequently grit their teeth, tightening their jaw muscles in addition to other muscles throughout the body. Without seeking relief for your stress, you may be encouraging the formation of bruxism (clenching or grinding) or TMJ disorder (jaw joint fatigue and damage). The issue can even negatively affect the state of your dental implants.

#2: Involuntary Pressure

About that issues we know as bruxism: When it comes to bruxism, we refer to this functional issue as “involuntary.” Why? Well, you probably have no idea that you’re performing the habit. In fact, you might do it while you’re sleeping. The pressure can damage your dental implant, can wear down your teeth, may lead to broken teeth, and more. Fortunately, oral appliance therapy can protect your smile.

#3: Overuse Pressure

Sometimes, pressure is voluntary. If you’re forcing your teeth to do more than they can bear, their health (and the future stability of dental implants) may not fare well. Make smart choices and, when in doubt, ask us.


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