3 Ways An Electric Toothbrush Can Benefit Implant Wearers

Do you ever take a look at the electric toothbrushes on the market, wondering if they would make a good choice for you and your dental implants? If so, you may be happy to hear that the answer is most often a big, “Yes!” If you have other concerns or questions, we certainly always suggest you run them by us. As for understanding what makes this dental hygiene selection a wise decision for your smile, we offer a few ways it might benefit you!

#1: It’s Great For Healthy Gums

Protecting your gums if you wear dental implants is quite important for your overall oral health and for preventing implant failure. Fortunately, turning to an electric toothbrush can offer immense gum protection, both by keeping your smile clean and preventing peri-implantitis and by preventing you from brushing too hard and encouraging gum recession.

#2: It Will Help You Worry Less

Did you know that when you turn on that electric toothbrush, it’s providing you with the plaque-cleaning strength of thousands of strokes every 60 seconds? Indeed, this may help you worry less about keeping your dental implants and natural teeth clean if it’s something that weighs on your mind. Though you can achieve effective care with a manual brush, as well, getting more out of your 2-minute brush sessions can certainly offer oral health benefits, while keeping you from worrying.

#3: It’s Just Easier

As you may have guessed, the electric toothbrush isn’t going to require quite as much of your physical movements as a manual brush. Instead, because the brush vibrates, the bristles will do their thing, moving back and forth to remove plaque. Your job in this scenario will be to act as the guide. If you’re looking for a way to make your dental hygiene sessions less strenuous, this is certainly a wonderful option.


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