Bone Grafting Q&A: Am I Ready?

If you are an individual who is hoping to improve your candidacy for dental implants, you may first require bone grafting. This is something that occurs when a patient’s jawbone is deficient in some way, such as in width or volume. As a result, the jaw is not immediately prepared to support the placement of implants. However, after building up the tissue with grafts, the jaw may qualify! What you may be wondering about at the moment, however, is whether you currently qualify for the grafting treatment. Allow us to help with your questions.

Questions and Answers

Question: I’ve been told that my jawbone has deteriorated but I do not know the first thing about whether I need bone grafting or where to begin. What is the first thing I should do to get started?

Answer: We recommend that patients begin by scheduling a consultation with our practice. Meeting you face-to-face, collecting records of your oral health, learning about your plans to address your tooth loss, and becoming familiar with your current oral health is the best first step toward completing your smile.

Question: How will you know if I qualify for bone grafting?

Answer: As soon as we become familiar with your oral health history and your medical history, we can begin deciding whether grafting is right for you. Determining if you are a patient who is healthy enough to undergo a surgical procedure is the first box we need to check off. We will also need to examine you and rely on digital imaging to make sure grafting (not another type of treatment) is what you need to improve your jaw health.

Question: Is this a universal treatment that is the same for all patients?

Answer: No! As unique as your smile is, it requires personalized care. We will speak with you at length about your options (such as for the type of tissue you will receive) for care tailored to your smile.


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