Celebrate National Dental Hygiene Month With Us

Are you aware that October is none other than National Dental Hygiene Month? Along with every other dental professional, we enjoy recognizing this month because it puts into perspective how easy it can be to keep your smile healthy (while avoiding serious problems). Interested in finding a way to avoid future tooth loss? Hoping to protect the tooth replacements you already have, such as a smile with dental implants? Your dental hygiene goes a long way in keeping your smile in exceptional condition. Let us explain more, so you feel good about your usual efforts.

About Dental Hygiene

Your hygiene includes everything you do on an independent basis to keep your oral health in good shape. This can mean brushing and flossing your natural teeth, making special efforts to floss around your dental implants, choosing to avoid certain foods and drinks that can promote decay, and remaining very consistent with these efforts. If you remain organized and committed, you can avoid a long list of complications that arise from plaque accumulation (like decay, infection, tooth loss, and more).

How To Spruce Up Your Habits

Interested in taking National Dental Hygiene Month seriously and getting real about your dental hygiene habits? Protect your teeth, gums, dental implants, and more by following our simple yet extraordinarily effective recommendations for a smile that remains healthy and complete:

  • Ask us questions if you feel uncertain regarding your dental hygiene approach
  • Remember that everyone should brush twice daily (in the morning and evening)
  • Keep in mind that skipping your flossing session can be quite dangerous for your oral health … always floss once a day for a healthy smile


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