Q&A: Dental Implant Removal

Patients are often curious about dental implant removal, which can evoke a long list of questions. For instance, can you have an implant removed after placement, you may wonder? What’s the process like and why might the removal of an otherwise “forever” tooth replacement become necessary? We have some answers to help you understand this complex topic.

Questions and Answers: Implants

Question: How permanent are dental implants? If I decide I want implants but later change my mind, is this something you can easily remove so that I can choose another option?

Answer: Implants are quite permanent because of the solid bond that forms between the post and the surrounding jaw tissue. As a result, we cannot simply pluck implants from their location because your jaw and implant essentially turn into one entity.

Question: What does it take to remove dental implants?

Answer: This is a complex process that may require the use of advanced surgical treatment. In general, because the titanium post has fused with your jawbone tissue, it will require a thoughtful strategy and the removal of both your implant and some of your bone tissue. Removal is generally not an elective procedure.

Question: Why might you need to remove my dental implants?

Answer: We may need to remove implants if you have received them from another practice and they were placed poorly (which can lead to oral health complications and implant failure). Or, if you experience issues like periodontal disease that leads to implant failure, the removal of implants becomes necessary.


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