Aging Your Smile

Have you given much thought to the way your smile affects how old you look? If not, now is a good time to begin reflecting on the way your dental care can impact your ability to retain a youthful appearance. Think about the difference between a child’s smile and an adult’s. A child’s grin is full of white teeth, healthy gums, and a child’s lower face is full of supple volume. If you are dealing with discoloration, gum concerns, or a “sinking in” appearance, it may be time to talk with us about dental implants and other care that can help.

Your Gums

Whether you have dental implants, no implants, crowns, fillings, or a pristine smile, you can end up with gum recession. This is most often the result of gum disease or brushing too aggressively. Unfortunately, receding gums leave teeth vulnerable to sensitivity and disease and leave your smile looking aged. Seeking periodontal care for disease or easing up on your brushing habits if you suffer from vigorous brushing will make matters much better.

Your Tooth Color

How do your teeth look? Are your natural teeth discolored? If so, you may wish to speak with your general dentist about teeth whitening. Do you have dental implants with discolored dental crowns? Come in for a visit, so we may discuss replacing old or damaged restorations for a more youthful looking smile.

Your Facial Structure

About the volume of your face: When you lose teeth, you begin to lose jaw tissue. As this occurs, the deterioration of your jawbone (and missing teeth) take away the supportive structure of your lower face and its volume. We suggest protecting yourself against this type of aging by replacing teeth with dental implants. Come in to talk with us for details!


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