Checking In On Your Brushing

If you have received dental implants, you know that keeping your smile healthy is an essential component of protecting your tooth replacements. While your knowledge of the basics has likely become second nature (you know that brushing and flossing are musts), you might not know whether your brushing is exceptional, satisfactory, or only so-so. Fortunately, checking in on this aspect of your dental hygiene is simple and can improve the protection you are providing your mouth with just a change or two.

What You Should Brush

It’s very important that you brush all of the surfaces of every tooth that your toothbrush can reach. This means you will spend this part of your dental hygiene session brushing the chewing surface of each tooth, the fronts of your teeth, the sides, the backs, and the tissue that runs along your gumline. You should also brush your tongue! Addressing these many surfaces will maximize your plaque removal, thereby protecting your dental implants and the rest of your smile from potential oral health problems.

Brushing Frequency

All of that hard work is only going to pay off if you remain consistent with your efforts and if those efforts occur frequently enough. A successful brushing experience requires you to brush for two minutes. We suggest that you brush your smile twice a day (it’s best if you do so in the morning and then again in the evening before you go to bed). As a result, you will spend around four minutes brushing your smile on a daily basis, which offers your dental implants, teeth, and gums some serious safeguarding!


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