Q&A: Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Are you less curious about whether or not you will require wisdom teeth removal and a lot more interested in understanding why impacted wisdom teeth occur? Since this extremely common concern is something you might not know much about (but that may also be the potential cause of future oral surgery for you), we are always happy to provide our patients with the essential knowledge that makes third molars less of a mystery. Enjoy an introduction to the details with a Q&A session!

Questions and Answers: Impacted Third Molars

Question: What are impacted wisdom teeth? I know that it’s a dangerous problem that results in the need for wisdom teeth removal but I’m not really sure what it means.

Answer: These are your third molars (the final set of molars to develop after your two previous sets). If they are impacted, they will not be able to come in (erupt) fully or correctly.

Question: Do all people end up with impacted wisdom teeth? Should I just assume this has already happened to me or that it will affect my children?

Answer: This does not affect everyone, though it is quite common. Some individuals experience full, healthy eruption of wisdom teeth. Others do not develop third molars at all.

Question: Why do wisdom teeth become impacted? Is there something I could have done to prevent this?

Answer: In most instances, no, there’s nothing you can do preventively to stop your wisdom teeth from becoming impacted. You may (and should), however, agree to wisdom teeth removal if your teeth are impacted. Impaction is generally the result of insufficient room for teeth to grow in and erupt.


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