Dental Implants: Why Replacing Roots Is A Good Thing

Why go through the trouble to receive dental implants, you may wonder to yourself? Isn’t is just easier to choose a bridge or denture, get your chewing and speaking back near the standards you’re used to, and then stop worrying about your smile? While these are perfectly sound choices, there is a reason we strongly encourage interested patients to go through with implants. You see, choosing implants is the one option available to you that replaces not only the part of your tooth you can see but also your roots. Not sure why replacing roots is so important? We can explain!

It Offers The Best Stability

In most instances, when you replace a tooth without addressing your roots, you are relying on nearby teeth. A bridge, for example, needs the support of two teeth. A denture requires the support of your gums or your gums and teeth. This will allow you to achieve a nice looking smile and to chew some foods. An implant, however, receives its support from your missing tooth’s original source: Your jawbone! It’s the best stability you can find, you’ll regain full function, your smile will look complete and cosmetically sound, and it leaves your natural teeth alone (and damage free).

It Can Help Protect Your Jawbone

The interesting thing about replacing your roots follows: Placing a dental implant will protect your jaw tissue because your implant will be doing the work your roots used to do (stimulating your jawbone and letting your body know that essential nutrients are required at that particular site to support your tooth). The result? Your jaw tissue will remain strong, which means your dental implant will continue to receive the support it needs to remain in place. It’s quite a cycle and one that will serve you well for the rest of your life if you continue to care for your smile.


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