How Do You Discover What’s Wrong With My Smile?

When you stand in front of your mirror and look at your smile, you may wonder how we have the ability to figure out what’s wrong with your oral health. How exactly can we tell that your jawbone is not healthy enough for implants just yet? How do we know that your wisdom teeth will soon require removal? Well, there are some things that we simply know as the result of having highly trained eyes. Then, there are those diagnoses that require some impressive advanced technology. Let’s work our way through the details of a diagnosis, so you better understand how it all works.

We Start With Our Eyes And Ears

Before we begin talking about advanced technology, let’s begin at the beginning. When we see you, your examination will start with two primary steps. First, we will ask you about what’s been going on, what you’ve learned from your general dentist, and we will listen to the information you share with us. Then, we will take a look at your oral structures to get a better understanding of your mouth. This provides us with the introductory details we need for a diagnosis.

We Move Onto Advanced Digital Imaging

Next, we move onto the use of advanced technology! What we cannot figure out by listening to you and looking at you, we can discover by taking digital X-rays. They will reveal the inner workings of your oral cavity (the things that are not visible to our naked eyes). From your jawbone structure to the placement of your third molars, we can see it all.


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