Keep Your Smile Healthy After Implants

You have received dental implants and your smile is gorgeous and complete! What an accomplishment! Now, the only trick is to make sure you avoid future tooth loss, protect your implants, and that you do so by … well, how exactly are you supposed to do that, you wonder? The truth is, it’s as simple as caring for your oral health through proper dental hygiene and maintaining professional dental services. If you think to yourself, “easier said than done,” then you are in for a treat! The steps are actually extremely simple and effective.

Keep Things Healthy At Home

When you think about caring for your smile and your dental implants, you may feel a quick rush of anxiety. You can go ahead and let this go because there’s not much to think about. Your dental care that you practiced at home before your implants is going to look nearly identical after you have received those implants. Brushing (2x daily) and flossing (1x daily) is still the norm. You just might need to add a threader or superfloss in there for easier flossing around your implants (don’t worry, we can help you with that).

Schedule Those Appointments!

Guess what? Your visits for preventive dental care aren’t really going to change after you receive dental implants either. You’re still going to be expected to see your general dentist for cleanings and exams once every six months (that’s only twice a year) to ensure all remains healthy. Essentially, what we’re saying is that your daily hygiene and long-term care is just as easy as it ever was!


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