Something’s Different But It Doesn’t Hurt: Now What?

It’s a sore? It’s a lump? What do you call this? We call it oral pathology. This is another way of describing issues like sores and any other potential disease that shows up in your mouth. The good news is that many developments are benign (which means they are harmless). You will also notice that changes may occur without the presence of any pain, which can leave you feeling a bit confused. To provide you with one all-encompassing solution to consider when faced with an oral abnormality, remember the following: If something changes, you need a dental visit. As for the details, we are happy to offer a more advanced explanation.

Remember, All Oral Pathologies Are Not Painful

We encourage our patients to remember that oral pathology may include changes in your mouth that are not necessarily painful. As a result, if you notice a sore, ulcer, lump, bump, or anything else, contact us. Just because the abnormality doesn’t make you wince in discomfort does not mean the issue does not require care. It may … or it may not (just as an abnormality may hurt … or it may not).

When Something Changes, It’s Time For A Visit

If a change occurs, schedule a visit with us right away. The sooner we figure out what’s going on, the faster we can send you home with a clean bill of oral health (or treat the concern).

Why Did My Dentist Send Me To You?

Your dentist can spot an oral pathology, of course, but you may require a specialist to diagnose and treat it. As oral and maxillofacial surgeons, oral pathologies make up one portion of our area of expertise. We are trained not only to identify the problem with our eyes alone, the use of digital X-rays, and our 3D scanner but we are also prepared to provide you with any necessary biopsies and essential treatment.


Combining experience in oral and maxillofacial surgery with a genuine care for their patients’ health and comfort, the team at Santa Rosa Oral Surgery is ready to improve the health and beauty of smiles in the Sonoma County and North Bay area. To schedule a consultation, contact our office by calling 707-545-4625 (Santa Rosa).