Tiny Schedule Changes For Easier Implant Daily Care

After you receive your dental implants, you will discover very quickly that your daily care routine is nearly identical to the one you practiced before the implants. However, there might be some minor changes that show up, which cause you to wonder if you could do something to make your routine easier. Perhaps you are simply unaware that some tiny changes in your schedule could yield easier maintenance. Let’s see if you’re already well informed regarding such options! If not, you may find that your care gets even easier than it already is.

Decide To Practice Hygiene According To Your Day

Perhaps you’ve been more diligent about flossing since you received your dental implants to ensure your entire smile remains healthy. We encourage you to carefully think through the time of day you practice particular aspects of your dental hygiene (and to make changes if you need to). For instance, do you floss in the morning but you’re always in such a rush that you don’t think you do a very good job? Do it at night, instead, before bed, so you have plenty of time to complete a thorough job without stress. Simple!

Flossing Before Versus After Brushing

Have you ever wondered if you’re supposed to floss your smile and around your dental implants and then brush (or if it should be the other way around)? This is a common concern (and one that you don’t need to worry about). Choose whatever works best for you, focusing on ensuring you give yourself the time you need, so your routine is comfortable and effective.


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