5 Things You Shouldn’t Assume About Implants

Before you begin making assumptions about dental implants, we encourage you to remember that there’s a lot of misinformation out there (whether it’s from friends, family, or the internet). In addition, there’s a lot of stuff happening in that lovely mind of yours that can cause you to make guesses about implants (that just aren’t true), which can then destroy your chances of enjoying a complete, beautiful smile again! Consider some things you should never assume if you’re thinking about replacing your teeth!

#1: That They’re Not For You

Don’t make the sweeping assumption that dental implants are not for you. They work for many, many patients. While you may have some obstacles to overcome (like jaw damage), there are repairs for many of your concerns.

#2: That They Are Too Expensive

Assuming dental implants are too expensive? It’s all about how you look at the investment. Yes, you may pay more upfront than something like a bridge. However, over time, they become increasingly cost effective (and since they last for the rest of your life in most cases, that’s very cost effective).

#3: That You Won’t Get Used To Them

Worried that you won’t get used to your dental implants? You will. You’ll require a quick period of adjustment, of course. Then, sooner than you might think possible, your replacements will feel like your own teeth.

#4: That They’re Difficult To Care For

We often hear that patients assume implants will be very difficult to care for. The reality is that they’re just like your natural teeth. You’ll brush, floss, schedule dental checkups, and dental cleanings.

#5: That They’ll Look Fake

Nope. They will look natural, they will function like natural teeth, and they will allow you to enjoy a complete smile again.


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