Can I Receive Implants After Gum Disease?

Perhaps you are someone who has suffered from gum disease. If so, you may worry that you will not qualify for dental implants. Instead of assuming that implants are completely off the table for your smile, we encourage you to remember that issues with your periodontal health exist across a broad spectrum. In addition, there’s treatment for the disease itself as well as any destruction it causes. Let’s examine this topic a bit further, so you can recognize there is certainly hope for you as a wonderful candidate for implants.

If Your Disease Is Inactive

Have you been treated for gum disease but you are not currently experiencing any problems? Did you receive periodontal treatment but you have been given a clean bill of health for your smile? If so, you are not instantly disqualified from dental implants! To the contrary, if your mouth is healthy you are likely a good fit. To learn more, simply contact us to schedule a visit.

If Gum Disease Has Caused Damage

Is your mouth free of gum disease and inflammation but you have suffered some amount of jawbone deterioration as a result? This is not necessarily a problem. Keep in mind that we offer bone grafting (as well as sinus lifts). If destruction of bone tissue is the obstacle, we may be able to rebuild the structures, so you qualify for the placement of dental implants.

If Periodontal Disease Is Active

Are you currently experiencing active periodontal disease? If so, it is too risky to place a dental implant into diseased tissue, as infection and failure are likely. You will first require periodontal treatment to resolve the problem and restore your gum health, so we may move forward with replacing missing teeth.


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