How Am I Going To Pay For Dental Implants?

When you know that you want dental implants but you’re not sure if they’re in the budget for you, your first thought is probably: How am I going to pay for them? You may discover that you can, in fact, work them in. Or, you may be looking for other methods of affording this solution to replace your missing teeth. While specific figures associated with your unique treatment can only be determined through a visit with you, we can give you a very clear picture right now regarding your payment options!

You May Pay Out Of Pocket

If you are ready for dental implants now and have fit them into your budget, you may pay out of pocket. We are happy to accept the following:

  • Cash
  • Most major credit cards
  • Check

You May Select A Financing Option

You might not feel too excited about the idea of paying out of pocket for your dental implants, which is perfectly fine! We offer a third-party financing option called Care Credit. Patients are generally pleased to learn that it includes very low (or zero) interest throughout a promotional period, you can expect low monthly payments, and the period of repayment is often quite long.

You May Rely On Your Insurance Benefits

Unfortunately, dental insurance plans are not known for providing coverage for dental implants. However, that does not mean your plan does not include some applicable benefits. If you have insurance, it’s to your advantage to find out if implants (or any associated visits or treatments, such as restoring the implants) is covered. By speaking with your insurance company, you can get specific answers.


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