Our Suggestion For National Children’s Dental Health Month

February, which is National Children’s Dental Health Month, is well underway. If we have one suggestion to offer for your children as oral and maxillofacial surgeons, it’s to take their potential need for wisdom teeth removal seriously. Yes, it seems like just yesterday that their baby teeth were falling out and here you are faced with a possible surgical procedure for their third molars! The time flies, which is why coming in sooner than later for a consultation and to create any necessary care plan is essential. Still not sure you’re ready? Heed some additional advice.

Earlier Removal Is Easier Removal

The longer a third molar is in place, the longer its roots, and the more embedded it essentially becomes in your child’s jawbone! The sooner you bring your child in for wisdom teeth removal, the better (if not only because removing the tooth is easier).

Removing Third Molars Is Good Prevention

You might not think about wisdom teeth removal as offering any type of preventive protection but, in fact, it can help your child avoid a whole host of problems. Consider the following reasons taking care of third molars is a good idea:

  • Wisdom teeth that need to come out can become impacted, leading to cysts and infection
  • Teeth that grow on an angle that’s not ideal can damage nearby teeth
  • Teeth that grow in (but should be removed) can become decayed if they are too difficult to reach and clean

Don’t Let Orthodontic Care Go To Waste

Has your child already worn orthodontic treatment and has a lovely, aligned smile? The arrival of third molars can alter that alignment as they grow in! Choose wisdom teeth removal to protect any work that has already been completed.


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