Smoking And Dental Implants: Your Questions

You may assume based on what you’ve heard that it’s impossible to be a smoker and to receive dental implants. While we would love to know each one of our patients chooses to avoid tobacco because it is detrimental to your oral health in more ways than one, the fact is that smoking is not necessarily going to disqualify you from receiving implants. It’s true that it’s not a good idea and can lead to challenges. However, there are certainly many factors we can discuss. For a leg up on the details, let’s get started with some questions and answers.

Questions and Answers

Question: So, does this mean that in some cases, individuals who smoke can still receive dental implants?

Answer: Yes! You got that right. If you smoke, you may still prove to be a good candidate for implants. Keep in mind that qualifying is on a case by case basis. If you are interested, please come speak with us!

Question: So, why is it often necessary to avoid smoking cigarettes before implant placement and then after surgery? Is this real or is it a myth?

Answer: When you smoke, it can negatively impact your ability to heal. As a result, it is generally recommended that you avoid smoking for some time before an oral surgery procedure and then throughout the recovery process.

Question: Will my dental implants definitely fail eventually as a result of smoking?

Answer: Smoking while you wear implants does not suggest that your implants will definitely fail. In fact, it only lowers the chance of success by a small amount. However, every bit counts when it comes to protecting your oral health. Remember, we are happy to discuss the details with you during your consultation.


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