Why Tooth Loss Isn’t The End Of The World

We know that when you lose a tooth, it can feel like your entire world has come to a screeching halt. You are shocked that you’re missing a tooth, you feel unhappy about the appearance of your smile, and you worry for the future of your oral health (in addition to a lot of other things). While we can empathize, we would like to clear something up: This is certainly not the end of the world! We offer dental implants, so you can pick yourself up, dust yourself off, replace that missing tooth, and feel wonderful about your smile again.

We Offer Implants

About those dental implants: If you are not familiar with them, a simple breakdown will help. An implant is a part of a prosthetic solution that replaces the entirety of your tooth. The implant portion is a titanium post. Once inserted surgically into your jaw tissue, the post will bond with the tissue and act as your replacement roots. We will use a lifelike restoration (a crown for single implants) to complete the replacement, so you have a full “tooth” again.

You Won’t Need To Worry About Your Smile

Once you receive dental implants, you won’t need to worry about your tooth. There will be no accessories necessary to keep the implant in place or anything very special you will need to do to protect it (aside from the usual dental hygiene already suggested for your smile). Stability won’t be an issue, your replacement tooth will look natural, and you will be able to return to your usual diet. You’ll simply have your smile back.

We Offer Payment Options

Another reason this isn’t the end of the world? We offer flexible options for payments. Whether you wish to use dental insurance, pay out of pocket, or rely on CareCredit, making dental implants part of your smile does not need to be stressful.

Dental Implants Can Save The Day

When you’re experiencing tooth loss, speaking with us about how dental implants can make your smile complete and beautiful again is a wonderful first step. Schedule the time you need in Santa Rosa, CA by calling Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park Oral Surgery at 707-545-4625 to schedule your visit today.