Extractions: Why Can’t You Save My Tooth?

When you’re not just given the green light but given a big push to visit us, your oral surgeon team, to remove your tooth, you might show up with a long list of questions. Of course, we are very accustomed to answering them, so we always encourage you to bring them up! When it comes to oral surgery, we know that you want to feel secure and relaxed about your choice. As for why your tooth cannot be saved and requires a dental extraction, let’s get started with some common reasons.

Severe Tooth Infection Is Irreversible

You’re fully aware that the reason you need a dental extraction is because your tooth is seriously infected. However, you still wonder if there isn’t some way to clear up the infection like other infections that happen in your body. The answer to this particular uncertainty will explain why we must remove the tooth:

  • We cannot save a tooth because this type of infection is different. The tissue in your tooth (dental pulp) is infected and inflamed. Antibiotics cannot adequately reach the tissue and clear the problem.
  • The tissue will not heal. While a root canal treatment is often an option (to remove the pulp and restore the tooth), we will suggest an extraction when such care can no longer address the infection due to its severity.

Severe Damage Leaves No Other Option

When there isn’t enough tooth tissue for your dentist to work with, there’s simply no foundation on which to rebuild the tooth. “But can’t you just put a dental crown there?” you might ask. Unfortunately, a crown requires a sufficient amount of healthy tissue for support. If it’s not there, the only option left is to perform a dental extraction and then replace the tooth.

Sometimes, There’s No Need

There’s no reason to save a wisdom tooth if it’s causing your oral health problems. These teeth are unnecessary for your smile.

Protect Your Oral Health With An Extraction

Find out all you need to know about your required dental extraction, so you can protect your oral health with confidence. Schedule the time you need with us in Santa Rosa, CA by calling Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park Oral Surgery at 707-545-4625 to schedule your visit today.