Dental Care: Following The Rules

There are many reasons you may visit us for dental implants and other types of oral surgery. In many instances, the factors that lead you to us will be completely unavoidable. In others, however, you may experience problems with your oral health that you could have very easily prevented with some simple yet helpful efforts. Not sure how to reduce your chance of problems like missing teeth? We can help! Just remember: Follow the rules and you’ll be in good shape.

Listen To Your General Dentist

When you visit your general dentist, you are going to be given suggestions for how to keep your entire smile as healthy as possible. This will generally include scheduling twice-a-year dental checkups and dental cleanings, as well as caring for your oral health at home with dental hygiene. Did you know that this can help you avoid problems like tooth loss, which can eventually lead to a need for dental implants? It’s true! Find a general dentist you trust, follow the rules, and you can expect your smile wellbeing to remain protected.

Jump On Restorative Care Needs ASAP

In order to prevent serious problems with your smile, remember that when your dentist suggests you schedule a procedure to restore your oral health, you should do so immediately. Patients often overlook the fact that most concerns are progressive. Your decay, infection, gingivitis, TMJ problem, and more will get worse and worse if you ignore them. Treat them, and you can often save your tooth, avoid the need for dental implants, prevent functional problems, and keep a healthy smile instead.

Keep Your Smile Healthy To Avoid Problems

Learn more about how to reduce your chance of tooth loss and other issues that may require oral surgery, so you can maintain a healthy intact smile. Schedule the time you need in Santa Rosa, CA by calling Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park Oral Surgery at 707-545-4625 to schedule your visit today.