Dental Implant Wearers: 3 Reasons To Drink More Water This Summer

While we always encourage you to ensure you’re getting enough water, summertime is the right time to focus on increasing your hydration if you’re not already drinking in your 64 ounces a day! Never really understood why this whole hydration thing is so important and you really aren’t certain about how it might impact your dental implants? While H20 is important for your oral health in general, we would like to share a few reasons to make it part of your life if implants are part of your smile.

Reason #1: To Prevent Dry Mouth

When you don’t get enough water in your daily diet, you’re not giving your body enough liquid to remain hydrated. When your body becomes dehydrated, this affects all of your tissues. That means dry mouth becomes a very good possibility. In addition to feeling uncomfortable, it increases the bacteria population in your mouth, which is not good news for your oral health, your breath, or your dental implants. Keeping implants safe means keeping your smile clean, while limiting bacteria.

Reason #2: To Remove Food Particles

When you eat and drink, particles are left behind on your smile. Sugars, carbohydrates, and acids can all lead to tooth decay and can irritate your gums in the process. Successful dental implant wear means protecting your teeth and gums! So, drink more water to flush debris off of your smile.

Reason #3: To Prevent Peri-Implantitis

You know that bacteria overgrowth and inflamed gum tissue isn’t great but do you know why it’s bad for dental implants? Well, when gums swell and bacteria take over, peri-implantitis (inflamed, infected gum tissue that surrounds implants) can lead to failure. Drinking water throughout the day can help you avoid this problem (refer to Reason #1 and #2 for specifics).

Ask Us Your Implant Questions For Successful Wear

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