Making Implants Work For Your Budget

If you want dental implants but you haven’t done anything to make them a part of your reality, what’s holding you back? If your immediate response includes something to do with your budget, we are happy to report to you that you’re certainly in good company! Whether it’s implants or any other type of oral surgery, the financial side of things is always a very influential factor when it comes to decision making. Fortunately, if this is the issue that’s preventing you from attaining the complete smile you want, we can help you better understand how you can make implants work for you.

Consider Implant-Supported Dentures Or Bridges

Remember that if you want the benefits of dental implants but it just doesn’t look like it’s going to work for your financial plans, don’t become discouraged. Though there are many factors we can consider and go over with you, one of the most obvious is considering implant-supported dentures or bridges instead of single implants. You can enjoy the benefits you’re looking for (like amazing stability) with a smaller investment.

Talk With Us About A Long-Term Care Plan

Maybe you are hoping to spend some time saving for dental implants but you know that it’s very important to find a way to address your missing teeth in the meantime. Rather than just waiting and hoping for the best without dealing with your tooth loss, we encourage you to speak with us during a visit about your options. That way, you can make good choices that will help you maintain candidacy for implants until the time comes.

Schedule Time To Talk With Us About Implants

Take time to come in to talk with us about how to make implants work for your smile and your life. Schedule the time you need in Santa Rosa, CA by calling Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park Oral Surgery at 707-545-4625 to schedule your visit today.