Extractions: More Common Than You Might Think

You may feel like one of very few people who has received a suggestion for a general extraction. We know this because when we recommend tooth removal to our patients, we are often met with a look of shock! While we can certainly empathize with your initial reaction, we do like to offer up some helpful advice: Rest easy. This is a very common procedure that offers beneficial results for your oral health in a variety of ways. Curious about the different issues that require extractions? Let us offer some new insight!

If Your Tooth Cannot Be Saved

A variety of factors may come into play that lead to a tooth too damaged to be saved with restorative care like fillings or crowns. For instance, a severely infected tooth or seriously cracked tooth may require a general extraction.

If Your Orthodontic Treatment Calls For It

About to receive braces but you need some teeth removed first, so there’s room to align your smile? Extractions are common in such a case!

When Your Tooth’s Support System Is Damaged

When gum disease has time to progress it can damage not only your teeth but the structures that support them. As a result, teeth no longer have a solid foundation and may need to be removed with general extractions as you receive treatment to restore your oral health.

When It’s In The Way

If you have lost every tooth but one on an arch and you’re interested in full dentures, that final tooth can present quite the obstacle. This is a good time for a general extraction. We can remove the tooth and then move forward with your plans for complete tooth replacement.

Learn More About General Extractions From Us

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