Impacted Wisdom Teeth: Symptoms And Care

When an impacted wisdom tooth affects you, the solution you will need is wisdom tooth removal. However, how are you supposed to know if your third molar is impacted, if it’s causing you problems, and if it needs an extraction? If you are seeing your general dentist every six months, this will generally be something that comes to light through dental imaging during checkups. However, perhaps you have not been to the dentist in quite some time. Let’s explore common symptoms and treatment, so you know just what to do.

Common Signs Of Impacted Teeth

If your wisdom tooth becomes impacted, this means that it’s not erupting (or coming through your gum tissue for full development) or fully erupting as it is meant to do. Instead, it is “stuck” in a sense, which can lead to symptoms like the following:

  • Swelling in the area
  • Pain at the tooth site
  • Foul breath
  • Jaw discomfort
  • A bad taste in your mouth
  • Headaches
  • Redness at the site

What To Do About It!

If you notice any of the common symptoms or have the slightest concern that it may be time for wisdom tooth removal, you should schedule a visit with us. Even if we discover all is perfectly well, it’s better to come in to find out than to risk it.

Why You Should Hurry

You should hurry because an impacted wisdom tooth that you do not treat with wisdom tooth removal can result in serious problems, such as infection or cyst formation. Come on in, so we can help!

See Us For Wisdom Teeth Removal ASAP

If you are dealing with an impacted wisdom tooth, we suggest coming to us as soon as possible for removal, so your smile returns to its good health. Schedule the time you need in Rohnert Park, CA by calling Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park Oral Surgery at 707-584-1630 to schedule your visit today.