Your College Kids: Tips To Keep Smiles Healthy

Are your kids off and settled at their chosen universities? Are you mostly happy but there are some things you’re still trying to figure out? If it has anything to do with how to keep their smiles safe and healthy from afar, recognize that you are most certainly in excellent company. This is a challenge all parents face at this time and something we are more than happy to assist you with! Consider some tips for continued smile health.

Tip: Send Care Packages

Not sure that your son or daughter is paying attention to your texts that you send in an effort to remind them to purchase a new toothbrush, to buy toothpaste, to use mouthwash, to pick up dental floss, and the list continues? No problem. Send these items along with a care package, so you can stop worrying about their smile health!

Tip: Schedule Visits For Their Vacations Home

Kids still need preventive care and chances are good you’re still in charge of this smile health detail. Get a hold of their schedules, so you can plan ahead for vacations. Preventive visits with their general dentist will ensure teeth and gums remain healthy, so they don’t need to visit us for tooth replacements like dental implants any time soon!

Tip: Keep An Eye On Wisdom Teeth

You might find yourself scheduling a visit for your son or daughter at our practice if it’s time for wisdom teeth removal. Keep an eye on third molars, so we may extract them if necessary (remember, they usually show up during late teens and early twenties). 

Let Us Help Keep Your College-Age Kids’ Smiles Healthy

Remember that we are happy to help everyone in your family maintain a healthy smile, including your kids in college. Need help? Just ask. Schedule the time you need in Santa Rosa, CA by calling Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park Oral Surgery at 707-545-4625 to schedule your visit today.