3 Things That Should Not Hurt (Ever)

There are some things that lead to pain that will not surprise you. If you drink something that’s extremely hot, oral pain is sure to follow. Bite into something that’s sharp and accidentally cut your gum tissue: Pain will likely come next. However, there are some details associated with your oral health and discomfort that point to a problem. Are you certain about whether a new symptom is nothing to worry about or a reason to contact us? Learn more (and remember that it’s always wise to schedule a visit when in doubt).

#1: Brushing And Flossing

Your brushing and flossing should never hurt if you’re doing things correctly. Of course, if you’re very aggressive or you’re practicing dental hygiene far too frequently, it may cause irritation. However, when you’re simply practicing your usual oral health care for the day and deal with sensitivity or another form of pain, call us! It’s better to get to the bottom of the problem than to ignore it.

#2: Chewing

Chewing should not hurt your teeth. Whether you’ve got all of your natural teeth, you have some restorations like crowns, you’re wearing dental implants, or anything else, it should be natural and easy to chew. When pain occurs, let us know. Treating the problem right away is the best option for promoting a smile that stays in good working order.

#3: Your Jaws

Painful jaws may suggest that you’re wearing a prosthetic that no longer fits, that you’ve injured yourself, that you are dealing with something like TMJ disorder or bruxism, and more. Jaw joint comfort and function is essential to your oral health! Come in, so we can take a look and resolve the situation.

Contact Us ASAP If You Experience Discomfort

Come in to see us if you experience pain or other alarming symptoms, so we may examine your smile and set your mind at ease. Schedule the time you need in Rohnert Park, CA by calling Santa Rosa Oral Surgery at 707-584-1630 to schedule your visit today.