Tooth Extractions: Your Replacement Questions

When you come to us for any type of procedure, there are a lot of unknowns that come with new territory. Naturally, that brings you to us frequently brimming with questions about what’s going to happen and how things will unfold. We expect this every time! We also know that you may be sitting at home, wringing your hands in anticipation. To help take the edge off by offering a burst of knowledge if you’re seeing us soon for a tooth extraction, we offer some questions (and answers). For all other details, remember: We’ll offer explanations when we see you!


Question: What types of tooth extractions will need to be followed by replacement teeth? Not all extractions need replacements, right?

Answer: Correct. When a tooth is removed because it’s a wisdom tooth that’s becoming a challenge or dangerous for your smile or when removal is necessary for orthodontic care, there’s no need for replacement. In most other cases (like removing an infected tooth), we must replace!

Question: Why is it so important to replace missing teeth after tooth extractions?

Answer: You need your teeth for many reasons. They are functional, allowing you to do things like eat a meal or talk. You need all of your teeth to maintain a balanced bite that is comfortable and healthy, that promotes easy hygiene, that encourages jaw joint health, and that will not shift (openings give remaining teeth the ability to move out of alignment).

Question: Can you help me replace missing teeth after tooth extractions?

Answer: Of course! We offer comprehensive dental implant solutions. We will work with you to determine a course of action suited to your smile.

Protect Your Smile With An Extraction And Replacement

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