Getting The Comfortable Help You Deserve

How do you feel about coming in to see our oral surgeon team? How do you feel about treatments that you need? Do you notice that even when you feel comfortable on an intellectual level about our team, what your smile needs, and your oral care path, you still have a serious amount of hesitation? Not to worry: Your nervous system might hop into overdrive when exposed to certain stimuli. If dental care happens to be a catalyst, an otherwise easy visit can turn into something that causes you to feel uneasy or down right scared. We get it. We also go above and beyond to offer you help becoming completely comfortable with the assistance of dental sedation.

Who We Offer Additional Comfort To

We offer you assistance feeling comfortable in many ways, including with dental sedation. How can we say this right off the bat? Well, because we offer it to everyone. From mild nerves to very serious anxiety that may keep you from coming in at all, any type of emotional discomfort can truly get in the way of your ability to see us for the care your smile really needs. Every patient doing their best to protect their oral health deserves to feel relaxed while they do it!

How We Approach Comfort

First, we do our best to help you feel educated and to keep communication open, so you recognize you can ask us about whatever you want to know. Next, we offer dental sedation! This includes a broad spectrum of solutions, which depend on your needs. One patient may need nitrous oxide, while another needs Valium, and another does best when combining them! How do you figure it all out? Of course, we sit down and discuss the details with you, helping you navigate to determine the best option.

Ask Us About Our Comfortable Care

Remember that your smile care can and should be comfortable from start to finish. Ask us about how to achieve the calm care you want. Schedule the time you need in Rohnert Park, CA by calling Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park Oral Surgery at 707-584-1630 to schedule your visit today.